SolarWinds Mail Assure: April 9th Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to share the latest set of updates for SolarWinds Mail Assure, including access older archived emails via log search and LDAP Mailbox/Alias sync. 

What’s new this week:

Access older archived emails via log search

The log search will now allow you to locate and access all archived emails, including messages older than 32 days.


LDAP Mailbox/Alias Sync out of preview

The LDAP Mailbox/Alias Sync has moved out of the “preview features” category, and is therefore now also available to users that have “preview features” disabled.



  • Resolved: Issue with the list of domains on outgoing whitelist/blacklist custom filtering rules including all domains (#34895)
  • Resolved: Issue with downloading large numbers of messages from the preview version of the Log Search page (#34950)
  • Resolved: Issue where a header-based custom filtering rule added in ‘simple’ editing mode could wrongly match other headers (#34808)
  • Resolved: Issue with the preview ‘Delivery Details’ pages not having ‘(Preview)’ label on the dashboard (#34836)
  • Resolved: Issue with incorrect ‘From’ address being used for Protection Reports on domains that belong to admins without the private label (#34746)
  • Resolved: Issue where changing the date and time format did not result in changes in the preview Log Search pages (#34839)
  • Resolved: Issue where the ‘Telnet test’ action on the preview ‘Delivery Details’ page would set the test message content to ‘general data’ (#34846)
  • Resolved: Issue where the Dashboard would not load for an admin if all their permissions were removed (#34854)
  • Resolved: Fixed navigation between pages so that when the browser ‘back’ button is used filters are not reset (#32121)
  • Improved: Add a notice to the ‘telnet test’ on the Domain Overview page explaining where the test connection is made from ([131909])
  • Improved: Added help text to the ‘re-authentication permitted’ option in the outgoing user settings ([132107])
  • Improved: The (preview) ‘Custom Actions’ pages have two additional actions available: ‘temporarily reject’, and ‘accept and notate as spam’, and ‘reject’ is labeled ‘permanently reject’ for additional clarity (#34884)
  • Improved: Added an updated Archive Usage page for users with ‘features preview’ active, also available for super-admins (#31682)
  • Improved: The ‘Lock Notification Templates’ are now available to all users, not only those with ‘features preview’ active ([131694])
  • Improved: The ‘LDAP Mailbox/Alias Sync’ is now available to all users, not only those with ‘features preview’ action ([131965])
  • Improved: The text on the sender whitelist pages has been updated to match the new sender whitelist behavior ([132166])
  • Improved: Added help text explaining the ‘hide header’ functionality in branding ([131809])
  • Improved: Adjusted the wording in mailbox character restrictions, from ‘exclude’ to ‘block’ ([131809])
  • Improved: Adjusted the wording in mailbox character restrictions, from ‘exclude’ to ‘block’ ([131809])
  • Improved: Removed the log search date search restriction to allow accessing messages available in archive ([132336])

In case there are  items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support via

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