SolarWinds Mail Assure: Weekly Features and Updates Release

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s features and updates release is now available. The main highlight is related to the location and language added as match types for Custom Filtering Rules.

What’s new this week:

Location and Language added as Match types for Custom Filtering Rules

You can now create Custom Filtering Rules based on certain Languages or Locations. This makes it possible to block/allow messages based on the location from where they are sent, or the language that they are written in. You can use these types of Matches both in the Simple and Advanced versions of the pages.


Front-end / GUI:

Resolved: Existing custom Link URI value not visible / prefilled when editing a link item when using ‘Customise Dashboard’ (#34008)

Resolved: Issue with inability to see the ‘add new link’ form inside the modal when using ‘Customise Dashboard’ (#34010)

Resolved: Issue with scrolling interfering with the widget layout on the dashboard (#34012)

Resolved: Issue with editing no longer persisting for links collection widget when using ‘Customise Dashboard’ (#34021)

Resolved: Issue with checkboxes missing from the ‘Network tools’ page (#34027)

Resolved: Issue with long link items breaking the layout when adding/edit links collection widgets when using ‘Customise Dashboard’ (#34033)

Resolved: Issue with buttons being wrongfully aligned in the lower toolbar when using ‘Customise Dashboard’ (#34040)

Resolved: Issue where dashboard windows don’t show error messages when using ‘Customise Dashboard’ (#34042)

Resolved: Issue with email address being case sensitive when using ‘Local recipients’ (#34043)

Resolved: Issue with switching from an internal to external link results in an error when using ‘Customise Dashboard’ (#34047)

Resolved: Issue where the super-admin brand name was being exposed at admin level (#34048)

Resolved: Issue with mass remove & train from delivery queue returning API error (#33960)

Improved: page introduction text for delivery queue page ([126753])

Improved: added information to the recipient whitelist/blacklist pages explaining how to whitelist/blacklist all recipients ([127149])

Improved: text on the custom filtering rules pages explaining the meaning of the ‘header’ value was clarified ([127151])

Added: Customisable templates for outgoing filter lock notifications (#31166)

Added: location and language are now available as match types for the custom filtering rules, both in simple and advanced versions of the pages ([127156])

In case you have items you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact support at

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