Announcing Availability of SolarWinds® Backup Version 17.12 Standalone

We are pleased to announce availability of the SolarWinds® Backup 17.12 release.
This release includes feature updates and performance improvements.
Note: This post contains an important message for Software Only partners who use their own storage node.

– Added: Extended list of document types in ‘documents’ backup profile
During our launch webinars, we received many questions on the document types supported and the request to include more document types in future releases. We now support a total of 49 different document types. A full list can be found here, in our help documentation.

– Updated: Partnerlevel in web Console has been changed
The name ‘Partner’ has been changed to ‘Customer’ to keep it aligned with our global MSP base, while in our CoreIT section, the level has been renamed to ‘Groups’.
Also, when adding a partner at the MSP level, the level choice (which was always greyed-out) has been removed, thus showing a cleaner interface.


– Updated: Removal of Azure and Amazon cloud as VDR restore targets from the BM and RC UI
This feature has been removed due to changes in both Amazon and Azure. For existing partners that have activated both VDR to Amazon or to Azure, in both the Backup Manager and/or the Recovery Console, it will remain operational.

– Changed: Removal of SBI from the BM UI
As previously communicated, this functionality has been replaced by the functionality in the VDR options in both the Backup Manager and the Recovery Console.
If you still have the Standby-Image option in use, please move to the Recovery Console to setup automatic restores to the designated target.

– Updated: Web Console Icons
The icons in the console have been updated to standardize the ‘look and feel’, reduce cross-product training and boost the user experience.

– Updated: Connectwise and Autotask integration updated
We have implemented the latest connection settings for Connectwise and Autotask to accommodate vendor API changes.

– Resolved: Time on Web Console displaying in GMT
Times on the sessions and history are now shown in local time in both the console and the ‘Overview and Statistics’ tab of the ‘device properties’.

– Important: Storage Nodes – Update Recommended for “Software Only” partners!
It is necessary for our “Software Only” partners, those hosting their own private cloud storage, to update all of their Storage Nodes to the latest version to take advantage of performance optimizations introduced in the latest version of the Backup Manager.

The latest Storage Node software installers can be found in the Advanced Download section of the Management Console or on the download section of our website. A video walk through is available for Windows and Linux storage nodes.

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