EDR End of Support for TLS 1.1 or 1.0

Starting October 1, 2022, SentinelOne will no longer support Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 or 1.0 for Agent to Management Console communication.

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Release Passportal PowerShell V

We are very pleased to announce an improvement to our PowerShell scripts, we now support validating the credential in Passportal and can then trigger a change on active directory

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Release Take Control Standalone – Windows Console 7.00.37, Windows Agent 7.00.37 and Linux Agent 0.00.37

We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Take Control Standalone for Windows Console and Windows Agent 7.00.37, including pinpointed bug fixes and the possibility to change user context on System Shell. And a new version of Linux Agent.

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N-able Mail Assure Private Portal – Out of Preview 

We’re excited to announce that the most requested Mail Assure feature of the year, Private Portal, is now out of preview. Why is Private Portal so important to our partners? Because it allows them to extend protection of outgoing email beyond the devices that they manage to the recipients of the messages (who can be a security risk when business-critical data is being exchanged).

During the preview period, our team has been working hard on fixing issues, enhancing performance, and improving the user experience.

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N-able N-sight: New Windows GA Agent v10.13.0

We’re pleased to let you know that we are promoting Windows Agent v10.13.0 to be the new Windows GA Agent. This contains a series of improvements from the current GA Agent (v10.12.6) and is focused on quality of service, with improvements for ‘ScriptRunner’ installs and an upgrade to the Backup and Recovery agent to make sure you always have the latest available version.

Please update to this latest GA agent at your early convenience. In keeping with the new Windows Agent upgrade process, we will begin to auto-upgrade to this latest Agent in a few weeks’ time. 

Here are the release notes for latest Agent update:

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Advance Notice: Cove 22.9

Sept. 14 N-able plans to release Cove Data Protection version 22.9, which will include the release of the new backup management console, as discussed when the early access preview began. With this version, the new dashboard will be the default, with the ability to toggle back to the legacy view. We are still seeking feedback prior to full general availability later this year.

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Release Notes for Cloud User Hub: September 6th, 2022

Thank you to all of our partners who have expressed their interest in Cloud User Hub, and even requested a trial of this exciting new release from N-able. We are continuing to develop and release an array of powerful features that will help our partners enhance the service levels, revenue, and profitability of their Cloud Solution Provider business.

Today’s release is all about automation, with Pre-defined Command Sets, Command Set Designer, and Command Scheduler. With these new features, we command you to quit spending so much time managing your Microsoft Cloud business!

As always, we remain eager to engage with our partners to understand your feedback as we continue to refine Cloud User Hub’s ability to drive meaningful impact to your business operations.

Please reach out to CloudUserHub.PM@N-able.com with questions, comments, feedback, or a request to hop on a call with our team.

Pre-defined Command Sets

Today’s release includes Cloud User Hub’s first two pre-defined Command Sets, User Onboarding and User Offboarding! As a reminder, Command Sets are automated workflows that can be executed from within Cloud User Hub. These first two Command Sets can be used in day-to-day operations and are also intended to inspire feedback regarding the additional pre-defined scenarios that our partners would like to see included in Cloud User Hub.

User Onboarding workflow:

  1. Create basic Azure Active Directory user
  2. Get Microsoft 365 group by name
  3. Add a user as a member to an Azure Active Directory group with manual user identifier input

User offboarding workflow:

  1. Update Azure Active Directory user block sign-in
  2. Reset Azure Active Directory user password
  3. Convert to shared mailbox

These pre-defined Command Sets can be found in Cloud User Hub under Microsoft 365 > All Command Sets > User Management.

Command Set Designer

Command Set Designer allows the Cloud User Hub platform user to design a custom workflow using a combination of automated tasks from our ever-growing library of Command Blocks. Command Set Designer allows for conditional logic, and execution with either pre-defined inputs or with inputs from preceding Command Block executions in the specified workflow.

We are excited to learn more about the custom workflows that our partners create using Command Set Designer. In the coming weeks, we will be focusing on greater ease of use for Command Set Designer through several UX enhancements.

Please reach out to CloudUserHub.PM@n-able.com if you’d like to schedule time with our team to provide feedback on your experience with Command Set Designer.  

Command Scheduler

This release includes our new “Command Scheduler” feature for both Command Blocks and Command Sets. Command Scheduler provides the platform user with a mechanism to run Command Blocks and Command Sets at a pre-determined point-in-time, or daily, weekly, monthly, or annual recurring interval.

Command Scheduler will come in handy in any number of different scenarios. We offer a few examples for inspiration:

  1. Schedule Secure Score Reporting: Let’s say that you want to get insights into the Secure Score status for each of your customers to identify opportunities to offer security risk reduction services. Without Cloud User Hub, one would have to login to each customer tenant to obtain the secure score. Create a schedule that runs every week or month, have it run for all your customer tenants, and gain valuable insights through our Power BI report module.
  2. Schedule User Onboarding: If you’re lucky, your customers will provide advance notice when new employees are to start, requiring execution of a broader user provisioning workflow. Using Command Scheduler in combination with Cloud User Hub’s pre-defined User Onboarding command set, you can schedule the creation of a new user profile on a given date and time, without requiring further interaction by a technician.
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NCOD Upgrade to 2022.6.0.23 Scheduled

NCOD servers are scheduled to upgrade to N-central 2022.6.0.23 on the weekend of September 16th and 17th 2022. The final schedule will be posted next week to https://docs.n-able.com/hosted-n-central-upgrade-schedule

Release notes for 2022.6.0.23 are available here

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We are pleased to announce that on Wednesday September 7th  Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) will be updated to SentinelOne’s “S” SP5. This release delivers significant enhancements to the management console.

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Announcing the GA of N-central 2022.6

N-central 2022.6.0.23

2022.6 Release Notes (PDF)

Download Now

What’s new in N-central 2022.6

New MacOS Agent is now GA!
N-central 2022.6 includes the rebuilt-from-scratch MacOS agent! This new agent includes:

  • All the functionality of the previous Agent, including deploying EDRi and Take Control
  • Apple Silicon (M1) native
  • Fixes nearly 70 documented and long-standing bugs
  • Existing features tested to ensure they work consistently
  • Real-time comms with N-central server (same as Windows, sets stage for most Tools)
  • Decoupled from Server version for more frequent Agent updates
  • Improved installation experience using Apple-native standards for deployment and security
  • Shared code with RMM Mac Agent libraries
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