N-sight: New Automation Cookbook Scripts, Improvements to Windows Security Center Antivirus Check

We’re pleased to share the next set of feature improvements in N-sight, as we continue to focus on upgrades to core functionality, all designed to help you work more efficiently in your day-to-day RMM tasks.

In this latest update we are adding five more Automated Tasks and Scripts, handpicked from the Automation Cookbook. We also have further improvements the new Asset Inventory view, plus we‘ll start rolling out an upgrade to Network Discovery to improve the quality of the network scans and associated asset data.

New Automated Tasks for Endpoint Security 

We are adding some of the most popular scripts from the Automation Cookbook to N-sight, making it easier for partners to discover and deploy valuable Automated Tasks and Script Checks.  

The first five are being rolled out to partners in the coming days, here’s the list:  

  • Enable BitLocker (Cookbook
  • Monitor BitLocker (Cookbook) (added as a Script Check)
  • BitTorrent Detection and Mitigation (Cookbook
  • Workstation Secure Settings Maintenance (Cookbook
  • Enable TLS 1.2 (Cookbook

Click the Cookbook links for each to find out more about them, and how they can benefit your business.  

Improvements to the new Asset Inventory View 

We continue to release updates for the new Asset Inventory view based on your feedback – please keep it coming!  In the latest update, we have added column filtering for RAM, so it’s easier to find underpowered devices, for example.

We have more updates in the works, including more asset information and a set of interactive summary widgets to help you see, at-a-glance, how your estate is set.

Windows Security Center AV check

Based on partner feedback, we are making some changes to the pass/fail logic of our new Windows Security Center AV check. Currently this check will pass if at least one returned product is enabled AND up to date however, this also includes Windows Defender and can also include other, similar products.

We felt that this was simply too lenient and will be changing this pass/fail logic to fail if ANY returned product is disabled or has out of date virus definitions. This will alert you to the fact that an endpoint requires some further attention.

In order to minimise alerting where Windows Defender has been disabled in favour of a third party product, the check will not take Windows Defender into account if another AV product is installed.

Summary for Service Release
– Asset Inventory View feature updates
– N-sight Console v2023.10.03
– No agent change

N-sight Console v2023.10.03
UPDATE: Four new Automated Tasks and one new Script Check
UPDATE: Added column filtering for RAM

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