N-sight: New Asset Inventory View with Asset Search, Data Export and Custom Views for Technician Workflows

We are excited to introduce the next significant step to improve and modernize the N-sight User Experience, with the introduction of a brand-new Asset Inventory view. We will be rolling this feature out to all partners in the next couple of days.

The new view introduces a modern look and feel that makes it much easier to view, filter, search and export asset data for servers and workstations.  

You can also use the new view and its granular filtering capabilities to create custom device lists for technician workflows and day-to-day device management.  

The new Asset Inventory view is available via the left side navigation bar, and it’s just the start of a drive to introduce a more modern and flexible UI. We are planning a series of updates to the view in the weeks and months ahead, including more asset data (e.g. BIOS, disk, device age), asset status info, interactive summary widgets, saving and sharing custom views, bulk actions, technician tools such as Take Control, Reboot, and more.

We would love to hear your feedback to help us prioritize future updates – just click on the ‘Share feedback’ link top right and let us know your thoughts. 

Here are more details on how the new Asset Inventory view can help in your daily operations: 

Create customer reports for device lifecycle management 

You can use the filters to produce customer-specific device lists to help identify older or underpowered devices. Then simply export the data to excel at the click of a button.  

To further improve the functionality, we are looking into adding more asset data to the view, including BIOS, OS install date, hard drive details, and asset age to help you manage your asset inventory. 

Use filtering to create custom device views in the dashboard north-pane 

Now you can search, filter and group devices by asset data such as serial number, IP address, manufacturer, processor and RAM, and view these devices in the north-pane.  

It means you have new and better ways to create custom views for day-to-day device management. For example, it’s now possible for the first time to list devices in the north pane by device model and apply a particular check or task to this set of devices.

Using the new Asset Inventory view in this way can help improve technician efficiency and offers better oversight of assets and their settings. 

Here’s a quick summary of the new view’s main features:  

  • Column filters: Use column filters and search to drill down to specific devices 
  • Filter builder: Use the nifty filter builder option to create highly detailed device views 
  • Search: Use the search box to quickly find specific device(s), for example by serial number 
  • Drag & drop columns: You can order the columns as you wish, you can show / hide columns, adjust column width, and if you right-click on the column header you can also pin columns in position – super handy when you’re scrolling across so you still know which asset you’re looking at! 
  • Display options: Show or hide column and row lines, and click the reset table option to restore it back to its default 
  • Select number of assets: Pick the number of assets you want to view on the page, between 25 and up to 1000 devices.

  • Add device: Click Add Device to create a new agent installation package to add new devices to your account

  • Export to excel: Click the export button top right to export the current set of assets as defined by your filters straight to excel.

  • View devices in the north pane: Click the button to view the list of devices over in N-sight’s original north pane, from where you can perform all the usual device actions 

  • Share feedback! Please rate the new asset view and suggest which feature enhancements you would like to see next!  

Next Up 

As highlighted, we are releasing the new Asset Inventory view as the start of a journey to modernize N-sight. Here are some of the items we are planning to work on next:

  • More asset data (e.g. BIOS, Drive, Age)
  • Export all or just the selected columns to excel
  • Interactive summary widgets 
  • Save custom views 
  • Filtering and search for all the columns 
  • Asset status data 
  • Technician tools such as Take Control and Remote Background
  • And more!  

We very much hope the new Asset Inventory view with its modern and flexible UI helps you manage your customers’ devices more efficiently. As highlighted, we have lots more planned – please share your feedback and help us prioritize the most important features for your business!

Summary for Service Release
– New Asset Inventory View
– N-sight Console v2023.09.05
– No agent change  

N-sight Console v2023.09.05
FEATURE: Introducing new Asset Inventory view with granular filtering and device data export
FEATURE: Create custom device views in north pane using Asset Inventory

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