Announcing Cove version 23.9

We are pleased to announce the availability of Cove Data Protection version 23.9. Some elements of this release have already been deployed, and others are planned for release the week of Sept. 11. This version brings a new restore option to Hyper-V, continued enhancements to the Continuity features, the addition of app switcher capability, and a security update to the storage nodes.

One-time restore to Hyper-V
We are thrilled to introduce a new capability fully managed from the Cove dashboard: the “One-time restore to Hyper-V” feature. This disaster recovery tool is designed to guard against unexpected server failures, and will be deployed on September 11. The tool provides you with the ability to swiftly recover your VMs from the N-able Cloud Backup (any saved backup session) to your Hyper-V appliance, NAS, or network share on an on-demand basis.

Continuity enhancements
A number of reliability improvements and bug fixes have been implemented with this release, including:

  • Resolved an issue that led to the message “boot detection error.”
  • Resolved several issues that resulted in an “:Unresponsive” restore status.
  • Added a new mechanism to ensure VMs are switched off after boot check.
  • Resolved the issue: “Failed to extend volume: The drive cannot find the sector requested.”
  • Resolved the issue “Error #700: Failed to initialize virtual disk file: Number of physical disks on the restored machine doesn’t match the source machine.”
  • Resolved the issue “Error #700: Failed to initialize virtual disk file: Unable to initialize GPT partition table on disk 0: disk is too small.”
  • Resolved the issue “VM boot check failed: WMI job failed.”
  • Resolved the issue: “Incorrect function(Shared:101) occurred during backup/restore of node.”
  • Resolved the issue: “WMI job failed: ‘StandbyImage_’ failed to take a checkpoint. (Virtual machine ID #GUID#).”
  • Resolved the issue: “SetFileShortName failed with error code 183(Cannot create a file when that file already exists.).”
  • Resolved a problem that led to the “Access denied” error when restoring files in the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder.

New: App Switcher
For partners using additional N-able products, Cove will offer a fast and easy way to switch between N-able apps.

Storage Node update
We have deployed a new version with improved security controls to the N-able managed cloud storage locations. Please note that customers who have opted to use their own cloud storage (software-only users) will need to manually download and update this new version found here.

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