N-able Mail Assure: October Features and Updates Release

This month, in addition to the usual bundle of bug fixes and minor improvements, we are happy to announce that the beta version of the Customer Management settings pages is now available to all partners. Additionally, the default Private Portal Policies management has been updated.

New Settings Pages – Customer Management

We’re offering an initial set of new Incoming settings pages for a better management at partner or customer level.

Domain settings offers the “Plus addressing” option, which can be controlled for all the domains under the specific admin level.

Protection settings offers the new “Security level” option, meant to simplify the settings management for the user. 

Attachments settings, available only for the Custom Security Level, offers the Restrictions options to be controlled at admin level.

Encryption settings offers the existing TLS settings, from the domain level Filtering settings page, to be managed at admin level.

More details can be found in https://status.n-able.com/2023/08/21/n-able-mail-assure-improve-settings-management

Default Private Portal Policies Management

The Private Portal option from “Mailboxes” step of the Microsoft 365 Sync wizard is enabled by default, which means 4 policies will be automatically created: matching “confidential”, “private”, or “🔒” anywhere in the subject, or finding any potentially sensitive data.

These default policies are visible in the Private Portal policies page, but they can be disabled only through the Microsoft 365 Sync wizard, switching off the Private Portal option.

For better management of these policies, they are flagged with an intuitive logo; the “Actions” button is not available anymore. The tooltip guides the user to the Microsoft 365 Sync wizard.

The custom Private Portal policies are still managed on this page, as before.


Since the latest major release, we’ve fixed the following issues: 

  • MMA-8289. Fixed an issue when using Email Scout Reports incoming page.
  • MMA-8314. Fixed the issue with Email Scout Reports not being generated.
  • MMA-8212. Fixed Email Scout Report with PDF attachment for different email clients.
  • MMA-8367. Fixed Private Portal login issue.
  • MMA-8348. Fixed Private Portal Email with inline images issue.
  • MMA-8421. Fixed “Sender location – is not” filter rule.
  • MMA-8436. Fixed issue with Let’s Encrypt certificates not being renewed.
  • MMA-8338. Fixed Export button not being active after Log search range changed.
  • MMA-8349. Fixed the issue with accepting EULAs.

We’ve also made the following improvements: 

  • MMA-8101. Removed false-positive and false-negative from main class options.
  • MMA-7541. Improved the availability accessing archived messages.
  • MMA-6655. Sanitized HTML code when preview Email Scout Report.
  • Extended the information available for remote syslog in Splunk.
  • Database performance tweaks.
  • MMA-8414. Ownership for domains added via Microsoft 365 Sync is validated with Microsoft.
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