API Keys for MSP Manager’s Public API & QBO Export Improvements

MSP Manager now allows for API Key Generation & Authentication for our Public API. This is an alternative to a username and password. It is a more secure method of authentication and does not require a dedicated MSP Manager user account for anyone only requiring access to the Public API.

We have also added some time-saving options for invoices exported to Quickbooks Online.

API Key Creation & Management

Keys are shareable and revokable. They can also be created for a finite period of time by setting an expiration date on the key. All users can generate API Keys, however the user’s permission in MSPM will control the data that can be accessed using that key. Key management per technician is found under My Account > API Keys.

Owner Key Management

The Owner account in MSPM can revoke and delete all keys for all users. If a technician leaves, the Owner can quickly and easily remove their keys. Owner key management is found under Settings > Security > API Key.

Please refer to our online documentation found here for more details.

QBO Export Improvements

For those of you who have Quickbooks Online integrated with MSP Manager, we have added some timesaving settings in the export options – Enable ACH and Enable CC. These settings automatically enable those options on every invoice exported QBO, adding more flexibility to how your customers pay their invoices. You no longer need to manually enable them for each invoice in QBO.

Note that these new settings are only available in MSP Manager’s new Billing engine which is in Preview currently. If you are interesting in getting access to new Billing and these QBO export options, please reach out to me amanda.phillips@n-able.com.

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