Changes to N-central MDM with launch of new Apple functionality 

As the landscape of work continues to evolve towards remote environments, the prevalence of Apple devices in the workplace has seen a significant uptick. In response, we are committed to equipping you with the tools necessary to efficiently, securely, and profitably manage Apple devices. 

With the upcoming releases of N-central versions 2023.7 and 2023.8 we will be providing partners our new Device Management for Apple which includes: 

  • Zero touch automatic enrollment for Apple Business Manager 
  • Apps and Books Management 
  • Configuration & profile management 
  • With the latest Mac agent, partners can offer the same service as with Windows. 

Along with the release of this new functionality, existing partners can expect changes to the current MDM capabilities: 

  • Existing MDM functionality will continue to be available, however the following limitations will be in effect:  
  • NO new devices can be enrolled in the legacy MDM 
  • The ability to make profile level pushes will be disabled, however individual device changes will continue to work such as : Lock, Send Note, wipe, etc. 
  • You will still be able to manage the existing devices you have in the system 
  • While no further development will be made on the legacy MDM tool, you will continue to get technical support. 

Timeline for these limitations to take affect: 

  • N-central Hosted – October 12th 2023 (upgrade to N-central 23.7) 
  • N-central On-premise: October 31st 2023 (N-central 23.8, tentatively) 

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our new Device Management for Apple offering for both new and existing Apple devices. This transition will empower you to effectively meet the growing demand for managing Apple devices

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