N-sight: Improved Export and Additional Filtering in New Asset Inventory View; Windows Agent v10.13.8 GA

We are pleased to highlight a couple of feature updates for the new Asset Inventory view that was released just a week ago. We are also promoting Windows Agent v10.13.8 to GA – this is gradually rolling out across the territories and expected to be available to all partners by end of the week.

In the new asset view, it’s now possible to select if you want to export all asset data to Excel, or just data from currently selected columns. It means you don’t have to temporarily switch columns back on when you want to export all data, making the export option faster and easier to use. 

We have also added column search to ‘Asset Name’ and ‘IP Address’, along with Filter Builder support, so you are now able to search across this data as well when looking for particular devices or creating custom device lists. 

As highlighted in the previous post, more is on the way so stay tuned for the next set of updates!

Additionally, Windows v10.13.8 is now Generally Available (GA). This agent adds support for Hornet Security in the Backup Check.

Summary for Service Release
– Asset Inventory View feature updates
– N-sight Console v2023.09.12
– Windows Agent v10.13.8 GA

N-sight Console v2023.09.12
UPDATE: Export all or selected columns with Asset Inventory view
UPDATE: Addition of column search for IP Address and Asset Name in Asset Inventory view
UPDATE: Now it’s possible to bulk edit or remove Cove Backup Checks

Windows Agent v10.13.8 GA
Updates since the previous GA version v10.13.7:
UPDATE: Adding support for Hornet Security in the Backup Check

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