Release Take Control Admin Area V.2.7.20230821

We are very pleased to announce the new versions of the Take Control Admin Area including the bug fixes and improvements.

Fixes and Improvements:

FEATURE: New Branding options

You can add your own logo on your Agents and Applets, configurating it on your account directly from your web-based Admin Area. From the navigation options on the left of the screen select Profile > Identification > Basic Information tab. Here you can see the new possibilities for using your logo, and also your on icon on system tray. The following preview video will help you to understand where each logo is going to be positioned.

Here follows a small description of the changes:

  1. Company logo: will appear on the left corner of the applications: Applet, Agent and browsers applications such as End-User Area, and Surveys
  2. Secondary logo: this is the branding that already existed, where you can add a different company logo in the middle of your Applet and Agent, in a bigger size.
  3. N-able’s logo: it is now shown on the left down corner and it can be hidden.
  4. System tray icon: the small icon that is shown on your OS can also be customized

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