Certificate-related Issue in On-Premise N-central 2022.7 HF1, 2023.4, 2023.5 Identified

We have recently discovered an issue where a Certificate Signing Request generated by N-central may not be accepted by certain Certificate Authorities. This issue (NCCF-126316) is present in N-central 2022.7 HF1, 2023.4 and 2023.5. We have identified a finger fix that can be applied by contacting Support, and we are expecting a full fix to be included in N-central 2023.6 when it is released to general availability.

If you use a Wildcard certificate to sign N-central you are NOT affected by this bug. However, if you use a single-domain certificate for your On-Premise N-central server, and are on one of the 3 versions listed above, please contact Support to obtain the fingerfix before you attempt to generate a Certificate Signing Request.

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