N-able Mail Assure: Improve Settings Management

This month, we’re excited to announce several improvements to the general usability of Mail Assure, to help minimize the amount of time technicians need to spend in the app to manage the settings at partner/customer level.

New Settings Pages – Customer Management

Over the next four weeks, we will be enabling the first group of pages aimed at improving the settings management in Mail Assure.

The new Customer management page will offer the ability to control the delivery and submission filter settings separately as well as the management at partner or customer level, without needing to do so individually for each domain.

Available in the app menu just after Dashboard, the Customer management page offers a 3-level view and it can be accessed by admins, sub-admins and technicians having SSO access:

  • Partner level- the primary (parent) Admin user, which corresponds to the logged in user
  • Customer level – any secondary (child) Sub-Admin users of the Primary Admin
  • Site level – any tertiary (grand-child) Sub-Admin users of the Primary Admin (i.e. Sub-Admins of a Sub-Admin)

For each admin, the settings exposed at this moment can be managed using the options from the Actions column.

We’re offering the possibility to inherit the settings from the higher level as well as the possibility to set a different value for the specific level. The inherited value is always taken from the parent, while the custom value is applicable for all lower levels.

Domain settings

The Plus addressing option is now available and it can be controlled for all the domains under the specific admin level.

Protection settings

Security level is a new setting meant to simplify the settings management, as it offers the possibility to have the protection settings managed by N-able. With a scale from Very low to Very high, it can be used to decide how restrictive the spam filter is for any domains owned by Admin or Sub-Admin, or any child Sub-Admin that inherit this setting.

While “Medium” is the recommended level, we’re offering the possibility to customize some of the settings.

In “Attachments settings” tab-page available only for “Custom” option, we’re offering, for the moment, Restrictions options to be controlled on admin level.

Encryption settings

The existing TLS settings, from the domain level Filtering settings page, are also available at admin level.

Choosing to inherit email TLS handling setting means to automatically use TLS when possible. Switching off the inherited value offers the possibility to choose the needed behavior.

The option selected on admin level becomes available for all domains belonging to that admin unless TLS settings are already specified on domain level.

While the existing pages for the settings on domain level continue to be available, we will enhance the new pages with more settings.

More details can be found in the product documentation https://documentation.n-able.com/mail-assure/userguide/Content/B_Admin%20Level/customer-management/customer-management.htm

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