Advance notice: Cove version 23.8

Cove Data Protection version 23.8 is planned for auto deployment on August 17 and 18, bringing a number of updates to improve performance and security across several areas of the product.

Microsoft 365 backup performance and security (week of Aug. 21)
To minimize throttling on the Microsoft side of backup operations, we have added a new balancing mechanism that will use more than one application for better resource distribution and performance. This new mechanism may improve the speed and efficiency of backups by up to 30%, while also improving security.

You will see an in-product message asking you to grant permission for a new application for your tenant(s), and we recommend you do this as soon as possible.

Standby Image enhancements
With this release, we’ve introduced the ability for users to add a device to multiple Standby Image plans simultaneously. This enhancement offers increased resilience for our partners.

Restore to Azure:

  • Improved naming of resources created in Azure during the restore process to ensure compliance with the Microsoft Azure naming conventions.
  • Added functionality to initiate a restore to Azure from the one-time dashboard through the “One-time restore” button. In the backup dashboard, the “Restore to Azure” button has been renamed to “One-time restore.”

Restore Reliability Enhancements:

  • Optimized the boot check mechanism to reduce the occurrence of false negative boot results.
  • Resolved an issue: “Unable to write link content: #PATH#. The data present in the reparse point buffer is invalid.”
  • Addressed the “Not enough space” error previously encountered when restoring sparse files.

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