N-sight: Improved Antivirus Update Check, Run Tasks in Near Real-Time, a Brand New Resource Center and More

We are pleased to let you know that we have released several feature enhancements in N-sight, with improvements to automated tasks and the antivirus check, better OS management for Apple devices, a brand new Resource Center to highlight new features and upcoming events such as bootcamps, and more. 

Here’s a quick video to help you take advantage of the latest enhancements!

  • Improvements to the Antivirus Update Check 

It is now possible to select ‘Microsoft Security Center’ in the Antivirus Update Check for Windows workstations. The new check option can be used to monitor any third party antivirus product that’s installed on Windows workstations.  

It means the Antivirus Update Check can now be used to monitor any installed AV solution, removing the need for ongoing reactive updates to the check when vendors update their endpoint solutions. This makes the check much more reliable and comprehensive.  

To take advantage of this enhancement, edit the Antivirus Update Check and select ‘Microsoft Security Center’, which now appears at the top of the list.   

Note that this option is available for Windows workstations only and not for Windows servers. This is because Microsoft does not offer the Security Center feature with their server operating systems. We are investigating alternative options to see if we can offer the same improvement for servers as well.

  • Automated Tasks Now Run in Near Real Time 

We’re very pleased to share that when you now run Automated Tasks on demand, you can see the output of the script in near real-time — typically within 20 seconds or so, depending on how long the script itself takes to run.  

It means you have a much faster and efficient QA cycle when testing out new scripts, and you can confirm much more quickly that a script has done its job when resolving customer issues and any other automation related tasks. 

Note that if the real-time connection to the endpoint is not available at that point, it will fall back to use a 5 minute check-in cycle. This is still much quicker than the previous process, which relied on the 24×7 Check Cycle and often took 30 minutes or more to show the results.  

  • Improved Time Zone Handling for Scheduled Reboots

To help remove ambiguity when scheduling an upcoming reboot on one or multiple devices, you will now see the devices’ UTC offset in the confirmation dialog for reboot. It helps identify devices that may be behind or ahead of the selected date, so you can adjust the selection and apply a modified, appropriate schedule to devices in different time zones.

  • Usability Improvement to Outage History

In addition to above, we have also implemented a small but helpful UI improvement: The ‘Start Date’ and ‘Finish Date’ columns on the ‘Outage History’ tab in a Check’s ‘More information’ dialog are now a little wider, and therefore no longer cut off the timestamp. It means you are saved the hassle of having to manually widen the columns each time to see the time info. Sometimes it’s the little touches that count!

Thank you to the partner who highlighted this at our Empower Prague event!

  • Easier Access to Cove Data Protection

In the coming days you will see an update to N-sight’s platform bar to make it a little easier to jump from N-sight to Cove, with the introduction of a new Cove icon.

It works in the same way as the Take Control and MSP Manager ‘quick links’ (see previous post), and there is a setting in User roles & permissions so you can enable or disable the option for particular users.

Go to Settings > Users > Roles & Permissions to adjust. By default ‘client’ and ‘standard’ users will not see the new Cove icon.

N-sight MSP Manager

  • Associate Assets to Contacts 

N-sight’s ticketing and billing solution now supports the ability to associate assets to contacts.  With this feature, technicians will find it much easier to locate asset details for tickets raised by an end user. You can select multiple assets to associate to a contact and optionally mark one of them as the default asset. When a contact submits a ticket request, the default asset is automatically selected on their ticket, shortening the time it takes to locate their asset information. Click here for all the details.

N-sight Take Control

  • Enhancements to Linux support 

Click here for details on Take Control’s latest set of updates for remotely connecting to Linux devices.

  • Performance Updates 

Take Control has had an update for Windows, with improvements and bug fixes – click here for the release notes.

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