N-able Mail Assure: Optionally skip unlicensed mailboxes in Microsoft 365 Sync

Partners using N-able Mail Assure’s “Microsoft 365 Sync” feature will have the possibility to skip the unlicensed mailboxes in the new layout version of M365 Sync wizard. Besides M365 Sync wizard, a new layout version is available for Manage Technicians and Private Portal policies pages as well as for Add Domain wizard.

Optionally skip unlicensed mailboxes in M365 Sync

The mailbox type (regular, shared, room, equipment, etc) in Mail Assure is determined using Microsoft detection methods, as announced some months ago https://status.n-able.com/2022/10/12/n-able-mail-assure-improved-accuracy-in-microsoft-365-sync-mailbox-detection/.

With the last changes, for that mailboxes where Microsoft did not identify a valid type, we’ve implemented a license verification. In case the mailbox does not have a license, it is getting the “Unlicensed” type.

The new mailbox type is visible also in summary page of the wizard.

In Microsoft 365 Sync wizard, we’ve added the option to skip the unlicensed mailboxes being added in Mail Assure product. The new option “Skip unlicensed mailboxes” is available in Settings page from the wizard and it needs to be checked to exclude these mailboxes from the synchronization process.

Please note if this option is enabled, the unlicensed mailboxes will not be added in the product and the messages for them will be rejected. The mailboxes which are detected as unlicensed will be automatically removed from the product.

Add advanced filtering options in the new layout version

Private Portal policies, Manage technicians, Add Domain, and Microsoft 356 Synchronization pages have been updated using a new design framework.

This offers multiple filtering options, export to Excel action, and a faster way to implement UI changes, while all the previous functions are still available.

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