N-able Mail Assure Improved Accuracy in Microsoft 365 Sync Mailbox Detection

We are happy to announce that over the next three weeks we will be enabling a set of changes that significantly improves the accuracy of mailbox detection when using the Microsoft 365 Sync. We will be enabling the changes for a new randomly selected group of partners each day throughout this time.

In most cases, the Microsoft 365 Sync feature correctly detects the email address and mailbox type – however, there are rare cases, particularly with unusual license use, where the type is wrongly detected or a mailbox is not detected. 

Microsoft have made available new API methods to detect the mailbox type, and we have adjusted the sync to make use of these. This means that, going forward, the mailbox type (regular, shared, room, equipment, etc) will be exactly as it is defined within Microsoft 365 (in Mail Assure rooms & equipment are considered shared). There will be no more need to manually correct the mailbox type in Mail Assure. 

Over the next three weeks, this change will be enabled for any syncs that are triggered by the wizard (or by support), but the regularly scheduled syncs will not change. If you are concerned about the changes, we suggest that you re-run the wizard between October 24th and October 31st, and manually review the mailbox types. 

In November, we will be changing the regularly scheduled syncs to also use this change, and disabling the ability to change the mailbox type manually in Mail Assure (as this is no longer needed, with the correct type coming directly from Microsoft). This change will be announced again in the November release notes before going live. 

We are also making a second small change, so that the sync retrieves the mailbox name from the “mail” field rather than the “user principal name” field. In most cases, these values are the same, so you will not notice any differences. This change will go live for all syncs over the next three weeks. 

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