Release Take Control Windows Agent, Console and Viewer 7.00.38

We are very pleased to announce the new version of the Take Control Standalone for Windows Agent, Windows Console and Windows Viewer, all 7.00.38, including request microphone access and bug fixes.

Take Control Windows Viewer 7.00.38

FEATURE: When requesting to “Remote Audio Playback”, and choosing the device as “Microphone”, the remote machine user will now be requested to allow or not the access to his microphone.

Remote Audio Playback
Select Device
Choose microphone
Waiting for remote device’s approval to access his microphone.

Take Control Windows Agent 7.00.38

FEATURE: When the technician wants to “Remote Audio Playback” the remote device’s microphone, a request will be shown, so the final user can allow or not the microphone access.

Request to allow or not microphone access

Bug fixes were done for all described applications.

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