N-able N-sight: New Windows RC & GA Agent, RBM Command Prompt Upgrade, Apple Push Certificates Multi-Tenancy

We’re pleased to let you know that we have released a new Windows RC Agent (v10.13.0) with upgrades to its monitoring components, while Windows v10.12.6 is the new GA Agent. We have also updated the new ‘Add Device’ wizard to include Linux for ease of use.

In addition, there’s a very nice improvement to Remote Background Manager (RBM): Now the remote command prompt interface is fully interactive and works just like when you access it directly on the endpoint. This improvement also covers RBM’s remote PowerShell commands feature.

On top of that, we’ve created a helpful video to explain the latest upgrade to N-sight’s integration with Apple Business Manager: True multi-tenancy support for Apple push certificates.

But first, here’s a short video with a re-cap of all the enhancements released over the previous weeks. It’s been a busy summer!

Multi-tenancy for Apple push certificates

We’ve continued to build out N-sight’s integration with Apple Business Manager and its macOS and iOS management capabilities. The latest upgrade is one of the most significant yet: Now partners can add separate Apple push certificates for individual clients, adding true multi-tenancy support to Apple management in N-sight.

To help explain this latest enhancement and how you can take advantage, check out this demo video with all the details:

Remote Background Manager: Interactive Command Prompt

We’re excited to highlight a significant UX improvement for Remote Background Manager in N-sight: The latest Viewer version (Windows Console v7.00.36) now provides the interactive command prompt option by default, making the interaction with the remote command line and remote PowerShell features much more intuitive, as it now works the same way as it does directly on the endpoint. It also adds the possibility to change user context when running commands.

This was a frequent enhancement request, so we’re especially pleased this is now available.

Linux Agent Update

We have recently added Linux as an option to the new ‘Add Device’ wizard, making it a little easier to onboard Linux servers with the same workflow as Windows and Mac. You can access the ‘Add Device’ wizard by clicking the button top right of N-sight’s north pane.

Windows Agent 10.13.0 RC, Windows Agent 10.12.6 GA

We have released a new Windows RC Agent, with improvements to its monitoring components, along with a version update for Backup & Recovery – see the release notes below for details.

Additionally, Windows 10.12.6 is the new GA Agent. We will also start to auto-deploy Windows Agent 10.12.5 to devices that have not yet updated to this GA agent as the new minimum version.

Summary for Service Release
– Windows RC Agent, Apple multi-tenancy push certificates
– N-sight Console v2022.08.25
– Windows RC Agent 10.13.0

N-sight Console v2022.08.25
FEATURE: Multi-tenancy support for Apple Push Certificates
UPDATE: Added Linux agent option to the Add Device wizard
UPDATE: RBM interactive command prompt for CMD and PowerShell (Viewer v7.00.36)
UPDATE: RBM ability to change user context when using remote commands (Viewer v7.00.36)
BUGFIX: TC/RBM – Resolve issue whereby in some cases the end user was not able to see the chat box (Agent v7.00.36)
BUGFIX: TC/RBM – Resolve issue on some session starts to ensure the permission prompt is shown (Agent v7.00.36)
BUGFIX: Resolved issue where a Laptop was showing as a desktop in the XML dump

Windows Agent 10.13.0 RC
UPDATE: Backup & Recovery agent update to v22.6
UPDATE: Improvements to ‘ScriptRunner’ upgrade process
UPDATE: Added additional logging around script runner uninstall  
BUGFIX: Resolved issue around ‘ScriptRunner’ installer failing with 0x000000c1 

Windows Agent 10.12.6 GA
Contains all the updates since the previous GA Agent v10.12.5

Windows Agent v10.12.6
BUGFIX: Fix issue where automated tasks were not passing parameters with single or double quotes. 

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