MSP Manager Release 4.32.0

We are very pleased to announce the release of several features in our latest update of MSP Manager.

  • Re-open closed tickets when a Customer responds
  • Locations dropdown in appointments
  • Filter on tickets with no time
  • Rates List widget for Workspaces

Ticket Response Workflow

Our number one requested feature is now possible with our latest updates – Re-open a closed ticket when a customer responds to a closed ticket. With Ticket Responses Workflow processing, you can define rules to determine if you want a response to a ticket from your customer to re-open an already-closed ticket or if a new ticket should be created.

Set conditions to determine the action you want to take, including how long ago the ticket was closed.

Note that ‘Last month’ in this case means the same date in the previous calendar month.

Locations Dropdown in Appointments

We now allow you to select from the Locations set for the selected Customer or enter an alternate location. Click on the pencil icon to switch between picking from the predefined locations or typing in some other location for the appointment. When you choose a predefined location, the Details field in the appointment will be populated with the address of that location.

Filter On Tickets With No Time

Quickly and easily find all of you tickets with no time associated to them using the filter option available in the Ticket Filter & Ticket List Widgets.

Filter options in widget configuration
On-the-fly options in Ticket Filter widget

Rates List Widget

A new workspaces widget is now available to allow you to see all your Rates. You will find it grouped with the Service Item widgets.

It can be linked to other widgets to easily filter by Service Items or Customers, for example, and allows you to edit your rates directly from the list.

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