Release Take Control Standalone – Windows Console 7.00.35, Windows Applet 7.00.35, and iOS Console 2.00.45

We are very pleased to announce the new version of Take Control in multiple plataforms bringing the much anticipated support for an extra two-factor authentication layer to Windows Agents, as well as other features and fixes.

Take Control Standalone Windows Console 7.00.35

FEATURE: Cleaning the clipboard using the Take Control functionality now also empties the clipboard on Windows systems which have the new clipboard history setting enabled.

FEATURE: Two-factor-authenticator (2FA): it is now possible to have a specific 2FA to login on each device. At the Agent Configurator program, when in Admin mode, it is possible to select the option to require 2FA and add a code for a specific Windows device.

FIX: Sometimes the Viewer notification buttons do not close after the sessions are ended. This has been resolved.

FIX: With the Console window minimized, when receiving a new pending request, and error message was being displayed. This has been resolved.

Take Control Standalone Windows Applet 7.00.35

FIX: Italian language was not showing correctly on some situations. This has been resolved.

Take Control Standalone iOS Console 2.00.45

FEATURE: Thanks to a new keyboard add-on, it is now possible to inject Mac and Windows shortcuts during the remote session, making a lot of tasks easier to perform from the mobile device.

Session to Windows:

New keyboard in landscape for Windows

Session to Mac:

New keyboard in landscape for Mac

FEATURE: Support for 2FA in Windows Agent has been added.

FIX: The the mouse cursor positioning in “Trackpad Mode” was off when the device was in landscape mode. Also, in some iPad models it was not possible to view the remote cursor at all. Both issues have been resolved.

FIX: The right floating bar was disapearing in some cases when the mobile device went to landscape and back to normal. This is now fixed.

UPDATE: The application was being killed too soon by iOS when put in background. This doesn’t happen anymore.

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