Release Take Control Standalone – Windows Console 7.00.34

We are very pleased to announce the new version of Take Control Windows Console which brings several improvements in image quality.

FEATURE: Better support for scaling on Windows. The Console works best on these scenarios and the image quality at the Viewer when the remote screen had an high resolution and the local screen was scaled is now pixel-perfect.

FEATURE: It is now possible to resize the window down to a very small size, which is useful to display simultaneous sessions or remote monitors at the same local screen. This option can be activated at the three dotted options menu on the Viewer. When the Viewer window becomes too small, the top menu will be hidden, and will be restored if the Viewer is resized back to its minimum size. Also, cycling through the other features (System Shell, FTP…), will bring back the Viewer to the larger size, and bring back the top menu.

Allow resize
Viewer reduced size window
Viewer resumed size for system shell use

FEATURE: A new option to sharpen the remote image was added to the View/Size menu from Remote Desktop. When enabled, this feature will be automatically activated when the image is downscaled and the Viewer window size is smaller than 100% of the remote resolution. Enabling this option adds significant quality to scaled down text, but it will slightly increase the CPU consumption, which might be noticeable on older technician’s computers, so it should only be enabled on modern machines.

New option to make the image sharper

FEATURE: Out-of-session chat: New button to chat with Agents outside of a remote session, just like it is already possible at the Admin Area.

New Out-of-session button
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