N-able RMM: Service Release with Enhancements to RMM’s Apple Business Manager Integration

We’re pleased to let you know that we have just released a new Mac RC Agent (v3.8.3) with a number of performance updates and fixes. We have also released several updates to Apple Business Manager and Take Control for Mac, as we continue to build out enterprise-grade Apple management capabilities in RMM, covering both macOS and iOS devices.

In addition, we’ve resolved a number of bug fixes for partners. For details, please see the release notes section just below.

Summary for Service Release  
– Mac Agent update  
– RMM Console v2022.05.27  
– Mac Agent v3.8.3 RC 

RMM Console v2022.05.27 
FEATURE: Take Control Mac Agent 6.00.34 – Now sending both Public and Private IP address of the remote device to the Viewer for technicians to see  
FEATURE: Take Control Mac Viewer 6.00.34 – The Applet elevation menu has now buttons to access credentials stored in Passportal or Take Control’s own Secrets Vaults 
UPDATE: All Windows agents checking in are automatically upgraded to Windows GA Agent v10.12.0 
UPDATE: Apple Mac and iOS – Moving devices between sites is locked if an Apple Business Manager account is present 
UPDATE: Apple Mac and iOS – Added option to unenroll from Apple Device Management when a device is deleted 
BUGFIX: Take Control Mac Viewer 6.00.34 – Resolved issue with keyboard mapping options occasionally not working correctly. The options now reflect what is configured at the Interactions menu on the Remote Desktop tab 
BUGFIX: Take Control Mac Agent 6.00.34 – Resolved issue with Take Control not recognizing USB-C monitors in Mac M1/M2 devices 
BUGFIX: Windows Script Checks updated to resolve an issue with them being applied to Mac or Linux devices 
BUGFIX: Removed ‘Other’ from Managed Devices in Executive Summary Report to improve data accuracy 
BUGFIX: Resolved issue affecting availability of the 24hr Bandwidth and Performance Monitoring History Report 
BUGFIX: Resolved issue affecting the availability of the Web Protection Overview report 

Mac Agent v3.8.3 RC 
FEATURE: Standalone Cove Data Protection Check is now supported on Mac devices 
BUGFIX: Resolves an issue with wrong Performance Monitoring Check default thresholds on some locales 
BUGFIX: Symlinked system applications e.g. Managed Antivirus are now displayed in the software assets section 
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue with infinite redirect for some websites in Web Page Check 
BUGFIX: Resolved an issue affecting the Backup Check for Macs 

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