New Cove dashboard preview

Cove Data ProtectionTM now offers the option to participate in the beta of a newly redesigned main dashboard. This early access is only available to users of Cove, previously known as standalone Backup.

There is now a toggle switch at the top of the current screen, which allows partners who wish to try it to toggle between the current/classic dashboard, and the preview of the new version. Those who choose the beta can change back to the classic view at any time.

Toggle to turn the beta dashboard on and off.

This redesign comes in response to customer feedback, to improve usability, to enhance search options, and to provide a more consistent experience throughout the product.

Highlights include:

  • A new dedicated donut chart for Microsoft 365 management
  • New filters selection panel, including the ability to filter by range
  • Improved, searchable view management
  • More easily clickable daily session color bars, with space between days for easier drill-down

New filters selection panel
Beta preview of new dashboard UI

To try the new dashboard experience, simply click on the toggle and refresh the page. No backups, settings or reports will be affected – this is strictly a change to the view of what you are already doing.

We encourage you to share your feedback to help as we finalize the redesign by clicking on the “Share feedback” message at the top right of the screen. Full deployment of the new UI is planned for later this summer, with more advance notice before the switchover. The more partner input we receive, the better it will evolve to meet your needs.

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