N-able RMM: Automation Manager Upgrade, More Patch Management 3rd Party Apps, New Mac GA Agent

We’re pleased to let you know that this week’s RMM release includes an important update to Automation Manager, there’s a Mac GA Agent upgrade, plus another increase in third party apps supported by Patch Management. Here are all the details!

Automation Manager Upgrade

The latest updates to Automation Manager are now available and come in two parts:

  • The Automation Manager agent: The latest Windows RC Agent v10.12.0 (see here for release notes) now includes an upgrade to ‘ScriptRunner v2.40’. This is the Automation Manager agent that runs custom scripts created with Automation Manager, as well as the EDR script checks and a number of out-of-the-box Automated Tasks. Please update your test devices to this latest RC Agent for improvements to monitoring and automation.
  • The Automation Manager app: The latest version, v2.40, is now available for download from the RMM console. Just go to Settings > Script Manager, then click the ‘Automation Manager’ download button top right.

What’s New: 

  • The AM Designer executable is now signed with the “N-able Solutions ULC and N-able Technologies LTD” software signing certificate.
  • The “Reboot Prompt” object has been updated to include a new “Allow user to postpone past the limit” option. This new option is a parent of the existing “Allow user to decline reboot” option and makes it possible to further fine-tune which options you want to present to your users when their machine needs to be rebooted. 

There are also a number of bug fixes in this Automation Manager release, see below for details.

Patch Management – More Third Party Applications Supported

As highlighted yesterday, we’re extremely pleased to announce yet more 3rd party apps are now supported in RMM’s Patch Management solution.

The latest update means you can now manage patches for DropboxCisco Webex AppWiresharkPDF X-change and Treesize (free version). 

This comes hot on the heels of added support for GotomeetingGoogle Drive, and PDF24 Creator just a couple of weeks ago, and Onedrive and Ccleaner before that. Many more to come, so stay tuned!

Mac Agent v3.8.2 GA

Last but not least, we’re happy to highlight that Mac Agent v3.8.2 is being rolled out as the new GA agent for Mac workstations. This latest update adds Apple Device Management installer support for Apple Silicon workbooks.

Summary for Release   
– Automation Manager upgrade, Patch Management apps
– RMM Console v2022.03.17
– Mac Agent v3.8.2 GA

RMM Console v2022.03.17
UPDATE: Automation Manager app v2.40 for download
UPDATE: More Patch Management 3rd party apps
UPDATE: Enable support for Daily Safety Check outages in MSP Manager
BUGFIX: Address EDR script checks issue “failed to start – unknown error” (requires ScriptRunner v2.40)
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting loading of widgets on the Dashboard view
BUGFIX: Resolve performance issue affecting loading of Edit Site dialog
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting definitions for Vipre in Antivirus Update check and Managed Antivirus check
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting definitions in Symantec in Antivirus Update check
BUGFIX: Updates to URLs in the Help Support Center

Mac Agent v3.8.2
UPDATE: ADM Installer support for Apple Silicon

Automation Manager / ScriptRunner v2.40

Bug Fixes: 
AM-2589: The “Get Logical Disk Information” Doesn’t Return Information If There Is Only One Logical Disk 
AM-2593: The “Uninstall Software” Object Fails to Uninstall the PME “File Cache Service Agent” Application 
AM-2750: When Saving a New Copy of an AMP, Automation Manager Doesn’t Open the New Copy 
AM-2753: The “Get N-able RMM Agent Information” Object Doesn’t Return Information About the Group Policy Advanced Monitoring Agent 
AM-2760: HTTP-compressed Files Are Not Decompressed When Using The “Download File From URL” Object 
AM-2815: The “Remove Local Profiles” Object Throws A “Error: The file or assembly \”WindowsInput, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=9b287f7dc5073cad\” Error Message 

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