Patch Management – Third-Party Improvements + New Supported Applications

We are delighted to announce a significantly improved Third-Party Application Update offering for both RMM and N-central.

Our patch content team has worked on improving how we discover, create, and test application updates to design a more efficient and scalable solution that gives us the opportunity to increase the number of applications we support.

As of today, we will begin the process of adding new applications. Applications will be launched gradually over the coming weeks and months as we focus on making sure that new apps roll out successfully.

The first 2 apps we will be adding are Onedrive and Ccleaner

Further applications we have queued and ready are Microsoft (Various), Cisco (Various), Evernote, Libre Office, Gotomeeting, Dropbox, various PDF applications, GoogleDrive, and many more.

We are also pleased to share our new, improved, auto-updating applications list. This list should be used as a reference to see what we support, the latest versions, the architecture and languages we support, exclusions for firewalls, and any notes worth emphasizing from testing. For example, we will advise if an application will only update if it is installed for all users.

Applications lists:

N-central –



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