N-able RMM: New Windows GA Agent with a Patch Management Update – Action Required – Update

As highlighted last week, on Friday December 3rd we released a new Windows GA Agent (v10.11.10) that contains an important update to RMM’s Patch Management feature. The update resolves an issue affecting the detection of missing patches: on devices with older agents, the Patch scan may report patches are up to date when in fact patches are missing.

To help ensure all devices with Patch Management are correctly detecting and installing patches, we will start to auto-deploy the new GA Agent, v10.11.10, to affected devices. Windows servers and workstations that are online will update to the new GA agent the next time they check into RMM, while devices that are offline will receive the update the next time they come online.

We plan to roll this upgrade out over the coming days. In the meantime, partners can continue to use RMM’s standard agent update feature, by going to the Agent dropdown menu and selecting ‘Agent Auto-update Settings’ to upgrade devices.

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