Passportal Release Summary and Performance Update 11-12-2021

Please find the consolidated view of the releases for Passportal – these have gone out over the past weeks to:

  • improve our performance
  • ensure a more reliable service
  • continuously improve the experience for our partners/users

Please find the detailed summary below.

Performance enhancements released outside of normal release cadence

  • Improved Application Route Logging
  • Improved Query Flow Calling Password Age Data Chart
  • Improved Search and Browser Extension API Traffic Efficiency
  • Increased DB Monitoring Granularity
  • Removed Redundant Queries
  • Modernized and Improved Efficiency on Long-running Queries
  • Improved Retry Logic on Mobile Application

2021.9.15, 2021.11.3 (Web app)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Status Page Link on Login Page + Copy Corrections
  • Trackers Domains Automatically Refreshing
  • CW Manage/Autotask PSA – No Sync on Empty SN/MAC Address
  • Password Select Logic Improved
  • API to extract Password returning Null for Backup Utility
  • Audit Logs/Reports – Expand ‘Details Updated’ to Reflect Field(s) That Were Updated
  • PSA/RMM Configuration Page User Improvements
  • Re-Indexing Failure on Passwords and Documents Data
  • Password Rotation Verbiage Updates
  • Runbook Formatting Issues on First Page
  • N-Central Integration – Asset Sync is Unlinking Items from Documents
  • Users unable to access Assets Tab
  • Edit Client Shows Details for Previous Selected Client
  • Improved Client’s Page Load Time / Performance

Extension 3.20.9, 3.20.10, 3.20.11, 3.21.1, 3.21.2, 3.21.3, 3.22.2

Fixes and Improvements

  • Browser Extension Website tab – Search Function Broken
  • Extension is Auto Filling Fields When Configured Not To
  • Browser Extension Websites Tab – Search Displaying Credentials without URL
  • Update Endpoint to Use Clover instead of Atom (database migration)
  • Autofill and Icons Not Working as Intended
  • Autologin doesn’t work for specific websites

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