N-able Mail Assure: November Features and Updates Release

This update will now be available from November the 21st. We apologise for any inconvenience.

We’re pleased to announce the latest updates to Mail Assure, available from November the 14th. In this update, we’ve moved to more inclusive language in the app, updated the Spanish, Italian, and Norwegian translations, and have a new option to block recently registered sender domains.

Language Improvements

We’ve updated the language used across the app to be more inclusive. Where you would have seen “blacklist” previously, you’ll now see “blocklist”, and where you would have seen “whitelist” you will see “allow list”. As part of this change, we have generally improved the quality of language used in these areas of the application.

We have also refreshed the translations for Spanish, Italian, and Norwegian. We have refreshes planned for more languages soon, and will be adjusting the cadence of the translation updates to better reflect usage of each supported language.

Blocking freshly registered domains

A newly registered domain is often suspicious – typically if someone is sending you email, the domain they are using for the sender will have existed for weeks, months, or years. Phishers will often register new domains for specific campaigns, and quickly discard them. We factor the “age” of a domain when classifying a message, but have now added an option to simply block very recently registered domains.

You can do this for incoming messages in the filter settings page. Simply tick the “reject messages from newly registered domains” box, and all messages from senders with such domains will be quarantined.

The filter settings page has a new option to block messages from recently registered domains

You can also do this for outgoing messages, in the outgoing user configuration. Again, simply tick the “reject messages from newly registered domains” box, and your users will be prevented from sending messages with such domains.

The authentication user config has a new option to block messages from recently registered sender domains

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