Passportal Outage Update

The U.S. Passportal system remains stable and available.

All business-critical features are performing normally. We took measures to temporarily pause long-running scripts and disable non-essential integrations in order to boost capacity. These changes should not impact normal operations.

In addition, we will be releasing several improvements later today including:

  1. Optimization of Search API Traffic – Reduction in search index operations
  2. Monitoring heartbeat (monitoring augmentation) – Reduction in session database logging from monitoring tooling
  3. Web (Atom) error handling – Technical deficiency debug logging to database vs. external disk or service
  4. Sessions Data Clean-Up Cron – Housekeeping mechanism to reduce deadlocks and improve stability

This will be an ongoing process and will keep you updated via our:

Please keep in mind that this outage is directly linked to performance and availability and is not security-related, and only affects our U.S. Cluster.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions –

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