Passportal Webportal 2021.9.15, Agent, Browser Extension 3.20.10 and Backup Utility

Webportal 2021.9.15

Customer Bugs

FIXED – Issues around Automated Workflows not triggering

FIXED – Display issues on first page of Runbook generation

FIXED – N-Central synced Assets unlinking themselves from other documents

FIXED – Inability to access Assets tab

FIXED – Edit mode for client taking user to previously accessed client

FIXED – Slow load times on Client pages


Depreciation of Azure integration (will be returning in alternative method)

Extension 3.20.10

FIXED – Search functionality on Websites tab

FIXED – Extension incorrectly autofilling fields not configured to autofill

Backup Utility

FIXED – Need to hit Export button multiple times

FIXED – BU not working via CLI

FIXED – CMD export taking all clients when configured to not do so

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