N-able RMM: Service Release with Patch Management, Automation Manager, TeamViewer Upgrades

We’re pleased to let you know that we’re rolling out RMM’s latest release with a number of important updates. The release is currently in progress and expected to complete in all territories tomorrow. Here are all the details!

  • New Windows GA Agent v10.11.8 with TeamViewer upgrade: The agent includes updates to the TeamViewer integration in RMM, for both Take Control and standalone. Please start to update to this GA agent this month, as TeamViewer will be deprecating the previous integration at the start of October.

  • Automation Manager v2.20: Windows endpoints will automatically update to the latest version of the Automation Manager agent (‘scriptrunner’), which contains a number of updates to improve the performance and reliability of custom monitoring scripts and automated tasks, see the release notes below for details.

  • Patch Management updates: As highlighted, we have released a set of improvements to the Patch Management Engine to help you in your day-to-day patch activities.
  • Check processing updates: Additionally, we’re releasing several behind-the-scenes enhancements to check processing and other customer-focused quality updates and bug fixes.

Summary for Service Release
– Windows Agent GA update, Automation Manager & ScriptRunner 2.20
– RMM Console v2021.09.15
– Windows GA Agent v10.11.8

RMM Console v2021.09.15
Update – Automation Manager v2.20 app available for download from the Script Manager dialog
Update – Updated URLs to Success Center on N-able domain
Bug fix – Resolve browser issue affecting TeamViewer session launches
Bug fix – Upgrade to check processing to address sporadic data discrepancy between north pane and south pane checks tab
Bug fix – Resolve issue affecting monitoring templates causing them to get stuck loading
Bug fix – Resolve issue with site and device deletion
Bug fix – Resolve alert settings sync issue on edit check dialog

Windows Agent v10.11.8 GA
Contains all improvements since current Windows GA v10.11.5

Agent v10.11.8 RC
BUGFIX: Resolve issue affecting TeamViewer upgrade in Agent v10.11.5
BUGFIX: Prevent ScriptLauncher.js and task_start.js from stripping out contents of parameters after spaces

Patch Management – See release notes post

Automation Manager v2.20
Update – Handle loading and unloading of Automation Manager Engine in separate App Domains
Update – Improvements to ScriptRunner agent to address intermittent script execution issues
Update – Additional logging for troubleshooting
Bug fix – Script checks failing with timeout
Bug fix – Vulnerability issue with log4net.dll
Bug fix – Windows Firewall Profiles
Bug fix – Script failed to start
Bug fix – Remove Powershell 2.0 check
Bug fix – Run Windows Defender Full Scan task
Bug fix – Stop policy object with completion result of 0
Bug fix – Office 365 Objects displaying results
Bug fix – Exception in Object Download File From URL
Bug fix – Input prompt object displays behind other apps

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