N-able RMM: Service Release with Apple Device Management Enhancements

Here’s a quick summary of what’s in store this week for RMM…

Apple Device Management – New ‘Remote Wipe’ Command

We’ll be adding another remote command option for Mac workstations that are enrolled in RMM’s Apple Device Management (ADM) system: soon you’ll see a new ‘Wipe Device’ option, alongside ‘Lock Device’, ‘Shutdown Device’ and ‘Instant Restart’. It means that Macs, iPhones and iPads all enjoy the same set of options within Apple’s unified device management system.

Additionally, we’re adding an update so that Macs that are removed from RMM’s dashboard are also automatically unenrolled from ADM, including any configuration profiles that are installed.

Update to Automated Monitoring for Standalone N-able Backup

Earlier in the year we released an enhancement to RMM’s monitoring system so that it detects when standalone N-able Backup is installed on a device, and automatically applies the Backup Check to assist with proactive monitoring. We’ve since had feedback from some partners that they would like this setting to be optional, so today we’re pleased to highlight a new option so that, if preferred, you can turn the automated Backup Check off.

To opt out of the automated monitoring check for standalone Backup, go to Settings > General Settings > Checks, and tick the box to disable. You can then use the usual Check editing options to remove the check from one or more devices, without it reappearing.

We expect these new features to be available to all partners by end of the week.

Summary for Service Release
– ADM and Backup Check updates
– RMM Console v2021.04.27
– No agent change

RMM Console v2021.04.27
UPDATE: New ‘Remote Wipe’ command for Mac workstations enrolled in Apple Device Management
UPDATE: Ability to disable automated N-able Backup checks
UPDATE: Auto unenroll from Apple Device Management when a Mac is removed from RMM
UPDATE: Ensure Device Inventory Report takes account of user permissions for displaying EDR
BUGFIX: Resolve issue impacting the ability to remove the integrated EDR script check

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