N-able Mail Assure: April 18 Features and Updates Release

What’s new this week: 

When you need to remove the Microsoft 365 sync for a partner – for example, if they have moved to another provider – there’s now a simple to use “Remove sync” button on the Domains overview page (MMA-5497)

It’s now much simpler to manage excluding mailboxes from Email Scout Reports. If there’s a mailbox that shouldn’t receive Email Scout Reports, simply add it to the exclusion list in the Reporting | ESR – incoming section. If there’s a mailbox where a user has unsubscribed from an Email Scout Report and you’d like to do that, you can do this from the same page (MMA-3697)

We have improved consistency by upgrading the legacy Protection Reports to use the current message view when using the subject link (MMA-5333)

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