N-able Passportal – TOTP MFA Feature Release

The Passportal team is happy to announce that the per credential TOTP MFA feature has begun rolling out for the web-portal and the browser extension. Our release into the mobile app will follow in a few weeks.

What is this feature:

Passportal is introducing a dedicated field per credential for TOTP MFA setup. Now every credential that your MSP manages has the capability of using Passportal as the MFA source. Please refer to our help docs for proper setup.

Now every technician with access to the credential has the ability to access to TOTP code along with it. Gone are the days of setting it up under a single person for them to be hunted down once someone else needed access. We are streamlining the process.

As mentioned above, most partners should see this available within their web-portal already. The extension will upgrade itself once the vendor stores have approved the submissions and finally the mobile app version will be released in a few weeks.

Fixed Bugs

  • Automated Workflows not sending emails on license expire
  • SW RMM launching with the incorrect URL
  • Updating issues around the Client Overview section
  • Issues with the Adelaide timezone
  • Document Importer creating duplicates for entries with backslashes
  • Logo issues within Client Overview

About troelshrdk

Can be reached at troels.rasmussen@n-able.com
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