N-able Take Control: March Release

We are very pleased to line up our next set of releases for SolarWinds Take Control. This is a release which has something for all Take Control partners – those using Take Control integrated with RMM or N-central, as well as those using standalone Take Control or Take Control Plus.

Here are all the details…

Mac Agent 6.0.22

This latest Mac agent contains a number of customer service priorities specifically focussed on the copy/paste functionality both Mac to Mac but also Windows to Mac.

For our Standalone partners, we’re releasing Android Console version 1.02.50. This upgrade introduces improvements in In-app notifications and also brings enhancements to applet permission handling.

Summary for release:
Mac Agent 6.00.22 – Shipping to all Partners, all territories
BUGFIX: Solves issue where copying from a Mac could truncate the text
BUGFIX: Solves issue with copy/pasting between Windows / Mac

– StandAlone Android Console 1.02.50 – shipping to Standalone partners

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