MSP Manager Update – Surprise! Unread Responses automatically clear when a response is added

Surprise, I say?  Yes, it happens… we’re not perfect, and while performing some maintenance we released some code targeted for next week!

The good?  When you reply to a ticket, we will automatically clear unread responses, which should save you some clicks!  I normally show you screenshots of new capabilities, but this is an event-driven change… so use your imagination or give it a try! 😊

The bad?  We can foresee that some of you may not want responses to act in this way.  We’ve created a new setting for this, it is visible in Settings > Tickets & Workflows > Ticket Preferences, but it does not yet work… (surprise!).

We’re going to hurry up and patch that, so that you may choose if you want to use this feature or not.  We hope to get that buttoned up by tomorrow!

So happy Thursday.  We’re sorry, but you’re welcome. 😊  Hopefully a bit of humor makes your day brighter!

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