SolarWinds Backup Release 20.11

SolarWinds® Backup release 20.11 changes how to detect SharePoint® users for billing purposes, as well as various user interface (UI) and performance improvements.

Microsoft 365

We have changed the way SolarWinds Backup detects (and bills for) users of Microsoft 365™ SharePoint. Beginning this month, for Backup to detect a SharePoint user, the user must not only have a valid SharePoint license, but also have accessed the protected site at least once.

In most cases, this change will reduce our customers’ invoices. Backup will no longer automatically detect a SharePoint user as a protected user if it detects a SharePoint user license but that user has never accessed the protected site. SolarWinds will not bill the MSP for that user unless Backup is also protecting their Exchange® or OneDrive® account.

This release also includes new ways to add and remove filters for Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint data, for a more convenient customer experience.

Other enhancements

  • The Maximum Value Usage report now includes information on deleted devices and customers, to provide a fuller picture of all activity—including deleted items.
  • The improved live Backup register works faster, allowing for swifter access to restore point data, so customers can begin restores more quickly than in previous versions.

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