SolarWinds Passportal: Service Update 2020.11.04

Bug Fixes:

– Fixed issue with our Auvik integration not bringing over all of the wanted Assets from within the Auvik portal

– Fixed issue with our agent not pushing password rotations when prompted via the rotation period

– Fixed issue with devices synced via SolarWinds RMM and those devices displaying the incorrect device status once in the portal


– Fixed the “Launch Remote Session” button on devices syncing in from Datto RMM

– Fixed issue with both our Datto Autotask and CW Manage integrations showing clients within the user matching step of the integration setup

– Fixed incorrect “Please enter a valid phone number” error received when trying to edit client information.

– Fixed issue with our Automated Workflows not alerting our partners when set to watch for agent sync issues

– Fixed issue with some our of timezones being one hour ahead of their actual time

– Fixed issue of credential giving error of “Password not found” when sharing/unsharing credentials to Site users

– Fixed Datto RMM integration issue of Passportal not syncing over Datto assets of type “Datto AP Wireless”

AND finally,

– Fixed an issue of our main client dashboard displaying a different credential count on the credential card than what is shown in the credentials list

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