SolarWinds Passportal: NEW Document Importer allowing customized data import

This week we are releasing an update to our Document Importer that allows our users to import customized data into Passportal. An exciting step to ensure that we are able to bring in all the MSP data and set it up as they desire.

Recommendations using the Document Importer

We will start by noting that the Document Importer, as it stands today, is strictly to be used for new imports. We do not have any matching capabilities built in so please run this import before setting up integrations and/or pushing the agent. This is designed for day one imports ensuring that all the information is able to make it into Passportal

Set up all customized templates within Passportal first. Create carbon copies of the source or recreate/add onto the templates in such a manner that the fields and flow make the best sense to your MSP. This will ensure that when the manifest is generated it contains all the new relevant fields the MSP wants to import onto. Additionally, this will ensure that any manipulation that may be required in the manifest will be at a minimum

Inline linking will be preserved but requires some manual intervention within the manifest. Specifically the “Sub Input Type” column as that will tell the importer where to look in order to create the link.

Manifest Columns

Happy Importing

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