MSP Manager Update – Notifications, Bulk Actions on Unread and Complete and Knowledge updates

We’ve got an exciting release today!  Efficiency is at the top of your requests, so here’s a few goodies that were published today.

Your user preferences are now re-homed under “My Account”.  These include a new feature called “Browser Push Notifications”.  This was a feature developed by a few of our team members as part of the hackathons we hold here at SolarWinds MSP. 

Browser push notifications allow you to get notifications in your browser (or Windows if using Edge).  With this update, we’ve included the ability to choose which notifications you want to receive as part of your user preferences.

With its 12 points, it also made sense to tackle this success center idea while we were in the vicinity.  You may now opt out of receiving notifications for changes you make yourself.  This is available for both Browser and Email notifications.  Thank you for your votes!

This other success center idea brought to our attention that Unread Responses can be difficult to manage.  This is why Workspaces now allows you to Bulk Select tickets and mark all unread responses as read in one swoop!

In a similar vein, you may also bulk select tickets and mark them as Completed within Workspaces.  Try this on the Helpdesk Template or make your own!

Thank you for your ideas on enhancing efficiency around Knowledge!  Inspired by this idea, when you add a new Knowledge item from the Customer menu, your knowledge items are now pre-filled with the customer information.  When on a specific knowledge type list, creating a new knowledge item will create a new knowledge item of that type, instead of asking you to choose the knowledge type.

Finally, starting tomorrow, we will begin the migration of Legacy Expiries to the All Knowledge section.  This migration is expected to be complete by Friday October 16, 2020.

As always, we’ve got some bug fixes too.  Here are the issues solved in this release:

  • Batch billing does not work on local time
  • Billing batch includes tickets outside of date range
  • Workflow rule not generating notification for Assigned User
  • Unable to open ticket which does not contain a subject in Workspaces
  • Email address missing when Easy Ticket Request is converted to Ticket
  • Cannot set taxable on newly created service items
  • Duplicate contact entries when clicking save consecutively
  • Time zone and Culture settings not inherited within tickets
  • All passwords appearing in Ticket > Passwords
  • Unable to export QBD sub-items

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