SolarWinds Passportal: Browser Extension 3.9.0 and Weekly Service Update 2020.9.2

This week we have updated our browser extension to version 3.9.0 and added the following:

Advanced Infrastructure to watch form fields: The extension has now an advanced method of detecting the website form fields for filling. This will improve the amount of websites we work flawlessly with and vastly limit the amount of those pesky websites that the extension has trouble with.

Lock Animation only shown when needed: Our lovely lock animation that appeared before every browser extension open has now been limited to only appearing when absolutely necessary (caching, etc.). No more needing to watch its beautiful animation flow every time it opens.

Added “Company Vault” section to Websites Tab: Bringing additional grouping to a tab that was previously limited to personal vaults and all websites.

Weekly Service Update 2020.9.2

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Issue around the Client Overview being unable to link Contact/Location from a custom template. Contacts were not being shown after the template was edited.

Fixed: Issue with Sync Overview not showing the results for all of the matched clients. When utilizing the client drop-down, it would not show all of the available clients.

Fixed: Issue when trying to edit passwords accessed through “View all password results” after doing a search. Users were changing passwords and being greeted with the incorrect “Your Organization does not have access to this client” error. Password changes were still saving.

Fixed: Issue with our auto-refresh for SSL Certificates not running.

Fixed: Issue around partners that were using credentials of which the username contained an apostrophe. Sharing said password to a Site user would break that user’s edit capabilities even when given Read/Write.

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