SolarWinds Passportal: NEW HTML Articles added into Document Importer and Weekly Service Update 2020.8.19

This week, we start with adding a new document available for import via our Document Importer – HTML Articles (PDF and WORD options coming shortly).

Let’s walk through it.

Articles.csv is now an available import template within our templates downloadable zip for our partners to use.

The picture above breaks down the available fields within the articles template, those fields being:

  • ID (optional field that remain empty – typically used for imports via other vendor)
  • Client Name
  • Article Name
  • Description
  • File Path (location of the html articles)
  • Tags

The File Path field of the template tells the importer where to look within the zip file for the Articles. That said, it is a requirement that ALL importable Articles live within a folder(s) of the zip (as shown in the image above). Any file paths that lead outside of the zip file itself will lead to those articles not being imported.

Once the template has been filled in and the articles live within the zip file, you can import via Settings -> Import/Export -> Document Importer -> Select zip file for import

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Drag & Drop capabilities for file uploads >10mb

Fixed: When saving a domain it shows the domain expiration as “0000-00-00”, will now show the correct expiration date

Fixed: Various formatting issues within Runbooks: Table of contents numbering, broken images, and title block spacing

Fixed: Mobile device OS info showing incorrectly as array instead of the expected string

Fixed: Hover text wording updated for unreachable domain controllers to “The domain controller is not reachable”

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