SolarWinds RMM: Active Issues Workflow Improvement, Patch Management Engine Update

This week we’re pleased to let you know there’s a workflow improvement in the ‘Checks’ tab: Now when you select a failed check, you’ll see a link to the new ‘Active Issues’ screen – click this to see a pre-filtered list of all failing checks of the type you’re looking at, across all clients and devices.

This allows you to perform a quick cross-check and see which other devices have the same failing check. You can then use the bulk clear feature on Active Issues to update multiple checks in one go if you wish – handy!

active issues link

active issues link 2

We’ve also fixed a character display issue affecting the Take Control prompt that users see when asked to give the technician controls over the screen, along with a Patch Management Engine update – see the release notes below for details.

Pro-tip! Do you know you can set agent removal alerts? Go to Settings > General Settings > Agent Management to be notified when agents are manually uninstalled.

Summary for Release
– Service release with Patch Management Engine update, Active Issues workflow link
– RMM Console v2020.08.20
– No agent update

RMM Console v2020.08.20
UPDATE: New workflow link from the Checks tab to Active Issues
BUGFIX: Address character display issue on the Take Control user prompt

Patch Management Engine v1.2.8
BUGFIX: Ensure list of patches in RMM is complete after patch installation


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