SolarWinds Passportal: Weekly Service Update 2020.7.30

Customer Bugs

Fixed: SolarWinds RMM -> ‘Launch RMM’ button mapped to incorrect URL: Problem for some of our SolarWinds RMM partners in which hitting the “Launch RMM” button redirects them to the incorrect location of their SolarWinds RMM.

Fixed: Incorrect redirection when accessing Runbooks download link: When our MSP partners have branded their company portal URL and generate a Runbook, the Runbook automatically generated download link leads to an unbranded Passportal URL.

ex. MSP Oilers have branded their Passportal URL to Their Runbook download link should automatically point to:

Instead of what it was automatically pointing to:

Fixed: Jumbled appearance of longer MSP names when generating Runbook: When our MSP partners have a longer company name. The name appears bunched together when generating a Runbook for their clients.

Fixed: PDF generation of “Passwords Known by User” report cutting off usernames: Problem with longer usernames and/or descriptions being cut off on the “Passwords Known by User” report when it is generated to PDF

Fixed: Passwords showing as password hash after password move: Partner reported issue of moving credential from their Company Vault to Clients resulted in the password changing to random set of characters with no history of change.

Fixed: Automated Workflows not firing on Document and License Expiration: Problem with Automated Workflows around workflows set to monitor Document and License expiration’s. The workflow was failing to run at the days set for the expiration warning

Fixed: Custom Custom Docs templates failing to generate in Runbook: Issue revolving around the creation of a new Custom Docs template, using the template, and then generating a Runbook resulted in it missing that template

Fixed: Main Dashboard – Asset/License Expiry Graph producing no results: Clicking on the graph will display the correct results now

Fixed: Articles not sorting alphabetically when required

Fixed: Article image corruption: Issue around uploading an image and then editing the properties to populate the Alternative Name Text field leading to image corruption when Article saved

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