SolarWinds Take Control: A Vastly Improved Command Prompt Environment

Partner success and satisfaction remain key drivers for SolarWinds Take Control, and so too does innovation; the ability to approach market problems and devise new ways to tackle them.  

In this release, we are introducing such an innovation: the new Take Control Command prompt: 

Take Control has always offered a Windows Command line and PowerShell (PS) interface that allowed our partners to remotely get to the heart of a system. In this new release, we’re delighted to debut an exciting revision to this feature — our real time command line environment. 

In this release, the new Command Line feature looks and feels exactly like the real thing: 

In both the CMD or PS environments, the new interface brings a raft of features which you’d only expect to find in a native prompt environment —  tools and capabilities such as, command history, tab-to-autocomplete, copy/paste, control-commands (CTRL/C to stop a ping, etc.) command shell colors, and much more. In most cases, using this new tool is almost as good being on the native command line of the machine you are connected to.  

Launching the new prompt environment is simple. When you’re remotely connected,  navigate to your System Shell, select the ellipses, and select your interactive command environment:  

Note: As this is our first (Beta) release of this new feature, we’re only making this available to Standalone Take Control and Take Control Plus. As we iterate and incorporate partner feedback, we’ll work to introduce this to our integrated Take Control versions on SolarWinds N-central and RMM.  

Summary for release
– new Standalone Windows Console & Agent
– Version 7.00.18

Agent 7.00.18
FEATURE: Integrated real-time CMD Environment for Windows
FEATURE: Intergrated real-time PS Environment for Windows

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