SolarWinds Passportal: Weekly Service Update 2020.7.15 and Agent update

Fixed: Automated Workflows – Fixed issue of it not showing up for all partners when they don’t also have docs

Fixed: New User Registration – Fixed issue of data duplication within the new user registration email

Fixed: Linked Vendors – Fixed issue of when clicking on “client overview” after previewing a linked Vendor, it takes to do a different client overview instead of the desired one


Fixed: Issue of agent switching itself from “Enabled” to “One-Way (AD to Passportal)” on some Windows Sync credentials

Fixed: Missing dll information when generating a shared key for secondary DC agent installation

Fixed: Issue of some credential duplication on credentials with same username but competing capitalization

Fixed: Issue around password syncing with partners on Agent

Fixed: Issue of secondary dc agent installs failing if wrong NIC selected

Fixed: Issue around agent password generation timeout when company rules require credentials to have special characters but only define one acceptable special character

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