SolarWinds Backup Release 20.7

We’re pleased to announce the availability of SolarWinds Backup version 20.7, which includes additional country availability for the new automated Recovery Testing feature; performance improvements for backing up Microsoft 365 SharePoint; and assistance in enforcement of two-factor authentication.

Recovery Testing
This billable feature is now available to customers with data storage located in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Portugal and Spain. This is in addition to the five countries in which it was already available (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia).

Please note that if your Backup data is stored in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany or Australia, the recovery test location is in the same country as Backup data storage. If your Backup data storage location is in the European Union (EU), but outside Germany, the test restore will take place in another EU country, not necessarily your own. More information is available here.

Microsoft 365 Protection
Backup performance for Microsoft 365 SharePoint has been improved, resulting in up to four times faster initial backup, and up to six times faster incremental backups.

Two-Factor Authentication
To help our customers better manage and enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) policies, a new reporting column has been added to the user management interface indicating whether or not 2FA is enabled for each user.

2FA new screen_cleaned



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