SolarWinds Passportal: Weekly Service Update 2020.7.3

Customer Bugs

Anchors not working on Articles: Updated so anchors are able to set

Corrupted Runbook pages: Breaking on empty fields fixed

Expired Domains to OOPS page: Fixed issue where clicking on expired domains within the dashboard took you to OOPS page

SQL Statements in Articles lead to OOPS page: Fixed issue where entering SQL statements into Articles, then saving, lead to OOPS page

AEST display issue: Fixed issue around partners utilizing AEST (Australia Eastern Time Zone) leads to incorrect timestamps in password history

Incorrect dates on domain save: When entering a new domain and filling in any of Domain Created, Domain Updated, Domain Expires, then saving, leads to an incorrect date being saved in template

Shared Files: Fixed difficulties around partners opening and then being shown WHOOPS page

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